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"Throughly absorbed and entertained,
constantly wondering what was coming next."  -  FIRST ON FILM & Entertainment

This daring and hilarious 50-minute family show immerses you in physical theatre, clown and inventive acrobatics on a never-seen-before apparatus!

"Imaginative, clever, funny and upbeat. The likes of which I dare say you won't have seen before."  - The Blurb

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We are pioneering a new creative development method that incorporates workshops with at-risk teenagers - including those that come from minority and low socioeconomic backgrounds from both rural and metropolitan Victoria.

We strive to make circus accessible for everyone!

“I really like this program. It's fun to both make friends and to learn new skills about circus and how to give feedback on performances.”
Ruby, 14

“The Statera Circus Initiative is a fun program that helps me to develop my communication skills. It encourages me to challenge myself and learn new skills. The teachers are helpful and encouraging.”  -  Jemima, 14


What 'First Eyes' does:

  • Monthly work-in-progress performance showings

  • Help artists develop their work by providing critiques through a structured Q&A-style session

  • Support Melbourne's indie performers with the creation of new live art

This program is a collaboration with Gasworks Arts Park

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