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A huge priority for us is making circus accessible for everyone! 


We are pioneering a new creative development method that incorporates workshops with at-risk teenagers - including those that come from minority and low socioeconomic backgrounds from both rural and metropolitan Victoria.

Places we currently run workshops:

Art Attack in Clunes, Flying Fruit Fly Circus and The Drum as part of our ACCESS Tour.

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"Statera Circus is a fun, dynamic and inclusive group of artists. The workshops make me feel safe to take the risks of creativity without fearing the outcome. It's great to work with them and the group every week, learning, exploring and laughing!"  -  Gabriel, 20

“I really like this program. It's fun to both make friends and to learn new skills about circus and how to give feedback on performances. Also, all of the trainers are super nice and friendly”
Ruby, 14

“The Statera Circus Initiative is a fun program that helps me to develop my communication skills. It encourages me to challenge myself and learn new skills. It is great because I meet new people. The teachers are helpful and encouraging.”  -  Jemima, 14


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