We are pioneering a new creative development method that incorporates workshops with at-risk teenagers - including those that come from minority and low socioeconomic backgrounds from both rural and metropolitan Victoria.


Our workshops process of show creation teaches valuable skills (effective communication, problem-solving and teamwork) aiding ongoing development and the transition from school to work. 


The workshops and creation of the show provide a safe environment for connecting diverse like-minded teenagers post COVID19.

As a part of the Statera development we plan on using a variety of creation methods. One of these methods involves the community. We are striving to create a series of workshops for our key demographic, teenagers between 14yrs and 18yrs.

At the end of the workshops, the teenagers will

be able to see the progress that we have made

by getting free tickets to the show that we have created up to that point, in full show length. The series of workshops are an experience which will hopefully help to lead them into a creative and enjoyable environment.

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