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Striving for a different circus

Welcome to our quirky company! We are Statera, a circus troupe hell-bent on bringing accessible art to all through our shows, workshops and feedback sessions.

Statera Circus is a collective of four acrobats with over 50 years of collective training and performing experience; Karina Schiller, Dylan Singh, Aleshanee Kelso and Tomas Correia, as well as our stage & tour manager Anette Lindroos. Our group is majority-female and includes cast members who identify as Indigenous and LGBTQI+.


We have performed with major companies and festivals including Circus Oz, Casus Circus, the European Capital of Culture and Montréal Complètement Cirque and trained under world-class teachers from the National Institute of Circus Arts, and the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.




 - Historical: A scale consisting of a lever with arms of unequal length, which moves on a fulcrum

 - A circus company and performance.


Karina Schiller

Producer, Performer

After spending 18 years eating, sleeping and training (first as an elite gymnast, then at NICA), Karina Schiller pulled her sunlight deprived self outside the gym to perform many circus and physical theatre shows around the world! Karina loves learning and collaborating with people and especially bringing together physicalities from a vast range of specialities to create innovative movement.


Aleshanee Kelso


Aleshanee Kelso (Lesh) is constantly inverting her perspective through over 10 years of circus training in partner acrobatics and tippy-ring at Spaghetti Circus, and NICA. Whether it be by collaborating with Casus Circus, the Australian Ballet School or her own company at Splendour in The Grass Festival, Lesh manages to find inclusive ways to push creative boundaries with a sense of play and captivating authenticity.


Dylan Singh


Dylan Singh is a second-generation circus performer, having trained with and under the watchful eyes of his mother. He has strong ties with many indigenous arts programs and was a cast member of the Green Room award-winning BLAKflip production, Chasing Smoke. He has his own style of movement and finds inspiration through working with people and creating new and exciting games, activities and performances.


Tomas Correia


Born the ‘flying zucchini’, the oddball Tomas Correia spent over a decade training circus at Spaghetti Circus, Circa Zoo and NICA. He strives to be multi-skilled in various disciplines and is particularly fascinated about pushing the creative, and wacky boundaries of all the physical aspects in circus, and how it can be combined with other art forms such as dance, music and other visual arts.


Anette Lindroos

Stage & Tour Management, Marketing

After studying Diploma in Audio-Visual Communication (Finland 2012), Anette packed her bags and moved to Australia, where she met a special clown, fell in love and therefore fell in love with circus as well. Now she's proud to be working with Statera Circus as their stage & tour manager. She's busy behind the scenes and looks after Statera's social media and marketing. She has a strong visual eye and  finds her inspiration from different forms of art.

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