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Life's a circus, clean up on Aisle 6 

Anchor Show
About  - "BOOP"

Your everyday supermarket transformed into a joyous world of balance, circus and Perspex!

A ragtag team of employees subvert the 9-5 with crashing shelves, trolley races, and terrifying stunts! But will these comedic characters ever find what they're really looking for? 

This daring and hilarious 50-minute family show immerses you in physical theatre, clown and inventive acrobatics on a never-seen-before apparatus!

Statera engaged at-risk youth through a collaborative creative development process. The result is a show that was specifically designed to engage young adults and teenagers. 


"Imaginative, clever, funny and upbeat. The likes of which I dare say you won't have seen before."  - The Blurb

"Tumbles, jumps and... the wherewithal to use a drill."  -

"Laughter aplenty"  -

"Throughly absorbed and entertained,
constantly wondering what was coming next."  -  FIRST ON FILM & Entertainment


The ACCESS Project Info
How it works:

(Accessibility, Circus, Community Engagement and Show Sandwich)

Statera’s ACCESS project will normalise accessibility in small scale live performances.

With help from physical and mental accessibility consultants and the mentorship of Arts Access Vic, we, Statera have adapted our full-length circus show to be completely accessible to as many different people as possible.


And - it's tourable!

We want audience members to feel as safe and welcome as possible so do'nt hesitate to get in touch if you would like to collaborate or share your ideas!

  • Our shows are interpreted live via Auslan and audio description

  • To ensure ease of processing our relaxed performance has:
    - limited noises made by our apparatus and performers on stage, and
    a low dynamic range (minimising the use of high and low sound frequencies in the music) 


  • We allow for a COVID safe tactile tour for low vision audience members prior to the show opening

  • The lighting is also simplified. With no strobe, blue and ultraviolet lights or dramatic transitions.

Our promise

We will give participants the confidence to watch the performance by ensuring all audience members can:

  • Make noises freely, without judgement

  • Come and go with clear and easily identifiable walkways and a dedicated usher to guide them should they need a break

  • Sit separately from others to reduce anxiety levels, with a maximum 80% audience capacity

Interested in collaborating in our ACCESS Tour?

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for submitting!

Karina Schiller +061477614155 /

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