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Soon to be released, our Goulburn season of BOOP. Featuring Trinity Catholic College as the curtain raiser show. If you buy this now, we will email you the full video once it has been edited! 

For now, you will recieve a high quality version of the poster.


We want you to know that all of this money goes towards supporting us as artists and the tour we are doing that led us through Goulburn. We understand that you can share the file, and although we would love more people to see the show, we are also a very small company doing a massive tour, and would appreciate it if each person who would like the video buy it.


If you feel that the video and our quirky show is worth more to you than the price of tickets and $10, then please donate - its all here on the website. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

BOOP -Goulburn

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